Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Is it really February already?

So...I have been swamped the last few months...End of the year, AU and a house remodel!  Did I mention I am doing my own wiring, insulation (UltraTouch is nice!) as well as fun with drywall, mud and tape.  I am hoping to be posting more this year on a more regular basis.  All of you know that March is fast approaching and March/April means new releases of Revit and Navisworks!

For those of you looking to get into more presentations this year for marketing purposes and new work you might want to check out Autodesk Showcase.  This is a really awesome product that anyone can learn and use with Navisworks models for quick real time presentations, proof of concept studies and presentations.

You can check it out here:

Oh, and by the way, you get it into Showcase from Navisworks via FBX export!
See you all soon.  I have some posts coming up on IConstruct as well as some other tips and tricks for Navisworks!
See you soon!



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